The 11 Best Android Widgets for Your Home Screen

With such countless gadgets for Android, which are the awesome? Here are the best Android gadgets for climate, notes, and then some.


Gadgets have been important for Android since the very beginning, and they stay one of the stage’s most helpful elements.

These minuscule applets that you can put on your home screen are great for fast, initially data like climate refreshes. In some cases they have catches for controlling music or your telephone’s electric lamp.

Yet, with so many applications offering gadgets, how might you be certain you’re not passing up a great opportunity? Here’s our pick of the best Android gadgets each client ought to have.

1. Best Today Gadget: Google Initially

best today gadget

Need to keep your home screen cleaned up yet prefer to have a helpful synopsis of your plan for the afternoon? You’ve effectively got the best gadget; you could actually not have seen it.

Initially is essential for the Google application introduced on each Android telephone. It’s a solitary line, full-width gadget that updates for the duration of the day to show pieces of data like traffic or your next arrangement. In case there’s nothing uncommon occurring, it turns into a pleasant date and climate gadget.

Assuming you lean toward a bit more customization, investigate Another Gadget. It’s motivated by Initially – and is practically indistinguishable in looks – however offers a smidgen greater usefulness.

Download: Google (Free)

2. Best Climate Gadget: Overdrop Climate

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Overdrop climate gadgets for android

Overdrop climate gadgets

Overdrop climate gadgets

Overdrop is a relative novice to Android’s consistently extending climate application kind. It’s extraordinary compared to other looking and offers precise moment by-minute conjectures from DarkSky and different administrations.

It additionally has a substantial spotlight on gadgets. You get 25 free gadgets, in addition to a further 29 in the event that you redesign through an in-application buy. They cover practically every style you could consider.

In the event that Overdrop doesn’t turn out for you, investigate our manual for a greater amount of the best climate gadgets for Android. You’re certain to discover something you’ll cherish there.

Download: Overdrop Climate (Free, in-application buys accessible)

3. Best Clock and Alert Gadget: Chronus

best clock gadget Android 1

best clock gadget Android 2

Each home screen needs an incredible looking clock gadget.

Chronus gives you about six of them. It offers a decision of computerized and simple clocks, with added plan see, climate, stocks, or a news source. It even has a gadget that is viable with Google Fit, putting your every day ventures onto your home screen.

You can alter all aspects of the look and feel of your Chronus gadgets. Also, by downloading some outsider expansions from the Play Store, you can make it much more valuable. When you get your head around how to redo Chronus gadgets, they become probably the coolest gadgets for Android.

Download: Chronus (Free, in-application buys accessible)

4. Best Notes Gadgets: Google Keep and Samsung Notes

best notes gadget Android 1

best notes gadget Android 2

You’ll discover loads of superb note-taking applications with gadgets in the Play Store. Yet, you can’t actually beat Google Keep.

It offers two gadgets. One is a basic easy routes bar that allows you to make an essential note, list, voice reminder, written by hand note, or photograph note. The other permits you to stick notes to your home screen. It’s great for shopping records or whatever else you need to recall while you’re all over town.

Download: Google Keep (Free)

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Add samsung notes gadget android

Samsung Notes gadget

While Google Keep has some extraordinary note gadgets, Samsung clients additionally approach outstanding amongst other Samsung gadgets out there, Samsung Notes. There are three Notes gadget choices accessible, including a smooth and a la mode toolbar, smaller than normal note easy routes, and a bigger full view alternative.

Download: Samsung Notes (Free)

5. Best Schedule Gadget: Month

best schedule gadget Android 1

best schedule gadget Android 2

best schedule gadget Android 3

Month is a delightful assortment of schedule gadgets, with more than 80 subjects to fit in flawlessly with whatever backdrop, symbol set, or launcher you use. There’s something for everybody.

You can pick a tasteful, straightforward, full-page Month see or go for a more utilitarian Plan see appropriate for occupied experts. It’s completely viable with Google Schedule too.

Download: Month (Free, in-application buys accessible)

6. Best To-Do Gadget: TickTick

best to do gadget Android 1

best to do gadget Android 2

best to do gadget Android 3

TickTick is a marvelous errand the board application that accompanies nine gadgets ensured to make you significantly more useful.

They range from a far reaching multi-page plan for the day, to a three-day plan see, to an essential agenda. There’s even a Pomodoro clock gadget that will help you cut out lingering and complete more work.

Everything integrates with an application that is essential for anybody with a bustling life. Indeed, the application is so acceptable we’ve delivered a full aide loaded with fundamental TickTick tips.

Download: TickTick (Free, membership accessible)

7. Best Battery Gadget: Battery Gadget Reawakened

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Battery reawakened gadgets in real life

Battery reawakened gadget

A smooth battery gadget is one of those gadget thoughts that you didn’t realize you required. A straightforward battery gadget is an unquestionable requirement when you need to watch out for your telephone’s excess charge and can assist you with delaying your battery life for the duration of the day.

Battery Gadget Renewed is surprisingly straightforward: it’s a little 1×1 circle with a number inside it. That number can be either a rate, or the assessed time you have left. You can navigate for some additional battery details, as well.

For the individuals who love a pleasant diagram, Battery Gadget Renewed likewise offers a cool chart gadget that permits you to perceive how your battery life will lessen at its present pace of utilization.

Download: Battery Gadget Reawakened (Free, in-application buys accessible)

8. Best Electric lamp Gadget: Spotlight Gadget

best electric lamp gadget Android

Electric lamps are quite possibly the most infamous classes of Android applications. They’re so frequently stuffed brimming with garbage promotions, and consents that sneak through your information – or more regrettable.

Electric lamp Gadget is a much needed refresher. It’s free, open-source, has no advertisements, and requires no consents.

Indeed, everything it does is drop somewhat on/off button on your home screen that you can use to flip your electric lamp. What’s more, when you mull over everything, that is actually all it needs to do, which is the reason it’s perhaps the most helpful gadgets and one of our top gadget applications for Android.

Download: Electric lamp Gadget (Free)

9. Best Music Gadget: Musicolet Music Player

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best music gadget Android 1

best music gadget Android 2

Spotify, Apple Music, and other web-based features have their own gadgets that let you control your tunes without opening the application. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you like to pay attention to music put away on your telephone and you need an incredible looking gadget to control it, look no farther than Musicolet.

In addition to the fact that it is a fabulous music player, with strange components like help for headphone controls and different lines, it likewise offers a convenient determination of gadgets. These incorporate fundamentals like the standard music controls with collection workmanship, up to a bigger alternative that allows you to peruse your picked playlist.

Download: Musicolet Music Player (Free, in-application buys accessible)

10. Best Twitter Gadget: Owly for Twitter

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best twitter gadget Android 1

best twitter gadget Android 2

Owly is a standout amongst other looking Twitter applications on Android. Its extraordinary plan stretches out to the gadgets. Notwithstanding three alternate route symbols for tweeting, following a specific client, and rapidly looking, is a phenomenal timetable gadget.

This permits you to monitor all your most recent updates or see what’s moving without expecting to open the application. Furthermore, when you need to shoot a thought about your own, it’s just a screen tap away.

Download: Owly for Twitter (Free, in-application buy accessible)

11. Best Stocks Gadget: Stock Trade

best stocks gadget Android

Monitoring your stock costs is perhaps the best utilization of a gadget. has a decent one as a feature of its Stock Trade application.

You can look for stocks on more than 70 worldwide trades and track as numerous as you can imagine. These naturally get added to your gadget, which you can resize to fit a full home screen board. You would then be able to see constant value refreshes.

In case digital currency is more your speed, has an application with a Bitcoin gadget, as well.

Download: Stock Trade (Free, in-application buys accessible)

More Fundamental Android Applications

These are only probably the best gadgets for Android. The odds are that a large portion of your most loved applications offer their own gadgets. It’s consistently worth checking, as it’s so natural to pass up some truly helpful additional usefulness in applications you utilize each day. Gmail, Snapchat, Spotify, VLC, Fitbit, Chrome, thus a lot more have them.

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